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Hair Extensions

Which Hair Extension method works best for you?

K-tips are individual extensions that can be added to small pieces of your natural hair. With this technique, you don’t have to worry about wearing your hair a certain way to cover up where they are attached. They also don’t require much salon maintenance, making them a very convenient option. Additionally, the tips of the extensions that bond to your natural hair are made of keratin protein, the same thing that the majority of your hair is made of.

K-Tips are the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Have thin hair and want a natural seamless look
  • Frequently wear their hair up
  • Great for busy women who need low maintenance hair
  • K-tips last 4-6 months when properly cared for and require minimal maintenance between sets

iTips, also referred to as micro bead or link extensions, are a heat and glue-free method. These individual extensions are installed strand by strand, utilizing a bead, link, or cylinder to secure each extension in place.

i-Tips are the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Lead active lifestyles
  • Frequently wear their hair up
  • Prefer no heat or glue during application
  • Desire easy removal.

Tape-in hair extensions consist of small, discreet weft tabs. Like I-Tips, they offer reusability, flexibility, and lie flat against the head. These extensions are latex-free and applied using a medical-grade adhesive, sandwiching the natural hair between two wefts.

Tape-ins are the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Prefer a quick application process.
  • Need seamless blending for short, choppy cuts, or layered hairstyles.
  • Have a sensitive scalp.

The fusion extensions we install utilize a safe heating tool to melt the keratin silicone resin. We offer cold and hot fusion extensions. Customizing possibilities are endless when it comes to fusion extensions.

Fusion extensions are the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Lead active lifestyles
  • Frequently wear their hair up
  • Desire minimal upkeep
  • Prefer long-term wear.

We offer beaded wefts and sew-in wefts. Weft hair extensions are thick pieces that do not require heat. Just like itips and tape ins, wefts are reusable.

Wefts are the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Maximum density and coverage for their hair.
  • Minimal upkeep to maintain the extensions.
  • To avoid using heat during the application process.

We offer Brazilian Knots as well. Brazilian Knots are a fantastic option for those seeking natural-looking, voluminous hair without the need for heat. These thick, reusable weft hair extensions provide maximum density and coverage, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural hair.

Brazilian Knots are the perfect choice for individuals who:

  • Desire a natural-looking and voluminous hair transformation
  • Minimal upkeep to maintain the extensions.
  • Prefer a heat-free application process for hair extensions.

250+ 5 Star Reviews

I came to NY from out of town and found this hair salon. I was looking specifically for a salon specializing in hair extensions. I also wanted to lighten my brunette shade to a clean blonde. Alexa took care of me and I have never been more happy with the results. The color is perfect. The extensions look so natural. Alexa took the time to blend my hair perfectly. I did Individual link I tips. I've been wearing them for 2 months and no extensions fell. Non stop compliments everywhere I go. Highly recommended. They really know what they are doing here. A++
Jenny S.
Such a clean bright salon they offer all types of beverages water coffee tea wine! All of the staff work so well , I had Duneisey. I got a balayage and hair extensions this is my go to salon thank you Duniesy!
Joseline H.
I had such an amazing experience at this salon. Goya helped me along the process. Suggested what needs to be done, very happy with the treatments I had gotten. I had my hair extensions done by Goya. She is excellent and very professional. Overall very friendly and nice staff. Can’t say enough good things about this place. If you are in the area I highly recommend visiting it
Marina M.

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